About ANKA Studio

You’re here because you’re looking to make a video that will impress your clients.
We’re here to make that vision into a simple but creative film that will show the best of you!
We’ve made over 300 unique films for both small and large companies. Among our clients are: Teva Pharmaceuticals, Elbit Systems, Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, Gilat Satellite Networks, Amdocs, Bank Leumi, Altshuler Shaham Investment House, Israel’s Ministry of Defense and many others.
Our experience allows us to offer every client the video most suitable for their needs, customized for the relevant media.
For example:

  • A short film for an exhibition will feature prominent content, optimized for the design of the booth.
  • An informational video will simplify complex processes using animated images.
  • A video intended for online campaign on social networks, will feature short and sharp messages, expressed through a funny clip.
  • If we want a new product simulation film we shall build a 3D model as close to realty as possible.

If we want a new product simulation film we shall build a 3D model as close to realty as possible.
We examine the potential message from all angles, and, together with the client, decide on the appropriate video type and on the ways to create it.
Together, we also develop a clear concept, write an appropriate script, choose the ambience and the visual language in accordance with the main idea, and begin the production!
Our clients are our active partners throughout the entire creative process, as well as during all stages of thinking and production until the video is completed.

אניה כספי מנהלת סטודיו

Ania Kaspi Shema


מירי דוחיקיאן

Miri Dochikian

Art Director

ויטלי מגדליץ

Vitaliy Magdalits

Head Animator

ויקה איליאשוב

Vika Ilyashov


יוליה בן מאיר

Julia Ben-Meir


פאבל וילנסקי

Pavel Vilensky


יוני זלובין

Jonathan Zlobin

Director and Cameraman

נועה ציגלמן

Noa Tsigelman